Tree Care

I have over 15 years of experience working in woodlands. I am an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist. I am fully insured and work following ANSI protocols for safe, professional tree care. I am available for small structural tree pruning, ornamental pruning, orchard tree renovation, small tree removals, shrub trimming, brush removal, tree plantings,  tree disease and pest identification and treatment. I prefer to treat problems without the use of pesticides whenever practical. Many problems in trees result from poor cultivation practices and lack of biodiversity in the surrounding area. Allow me to make your trees and yard look the best or assist in replacing trees that cannot be saved. 

Landscape Design

After doing a thorough walk through with you, I can develop a landscape plan for short and long term goals for your property. This detailed plan will be a valuable tool for those who wish to do landscaping themselves but don’t know the right plant for the right place. I can also provide information on maintenance of unique rare plants and landscapes that will be a conversation piece for years to come. I have become very interested in permaculture, restoration agriculture, pollinator (bee, butterfly, bird) friendly and edible landscaping. Please see my section on edible landscaping for a more in depth look at this exciting trend. 


Landscape Installation

I can install plans derived by myself or your own choosing. I currently install raised bed gardens, trees, annual vegetable gardens, herb gardens, butterfly gardens, forest gardens, wildflower meadows, wildlife habitat creation, topiary, living fences, espalier, etc. I can order just about any plant you can think of through my network of wholesale and retail sources and I am working on growing my own supply, see products section. 

Landscape Maintenance

I am available for upkeep of existing landscapes including weeding beds, small yard mowing, weed trimming, tree and shrub care, brush removal, fall and spring cleanups. I will work with you in coming up with a plan that satisfies your garden ideals while eliminating unnecessary expense. 



I strive to continually learn more about trees and plants. In the past year, I have attended the Tree Care Industry Association’s Expo in Baltimore (world’s largest tree care conference), the New England Chapter of ISA conference in Burlington, New England Grows in Boston, NOFA winter conference in Worcester. I am continually reading books, watching videos, visiting forests and gardens and experimenting in my own yard and woods. I wish to teach others some of the amazing knowledge I have acquired over the years. I wish to book more educational programs in the future, please contact me if interested. 

Cloning and Grafting

Often times it is not practical to move a favorite tree when moving to a new location. Leonard Trees can preserve your favorite plants by copying or cloning the plant or grafting the varieties onto other trees. Custom grafted fruit trees available by request. I am planning on offering “fruit cocktail” trees in the future; grafted with many different varieties.