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Many people would love to purchase organic produce, but get sticker shock when shopping for organic groceries. Often times, growing your own is the only way to know exactly how your food was grown and at a low price. Allow me to establish beautiful and edible landscapes in your yard. I offer a range of delicious fruit trees in addition to creating and maintaining the more traditional vegetable gardens. Whatever your desire, Leonard Trees can work with you to build backyard and front yard gardens that are low care, beautiful, and productive.

Many farmers struggled to maintain crops this past year due to the extreme drought. Perennial plants and trees develop better root systems enabling less water usage. I stock a wide variety of drought resistant plants that will fulfill your needs even in times of trouble. Permaculture is the practice of creating permanent self-sustaining agriculture. I follow the principles of this ecological landscaping practice as much as possible. By focusing on plants that are hardy in extremes of weather we experience in New England, I am able to provide you with plantings that use less time and resources to maintain.